Ideas for developing infrastructure at Elstedhøj, Denmark with inspiration from Zürich



Research about Mozambique – including innovation going on in Mozambique


A brave new world

During this World Economic Forum session entitled “A brave new world” embedded below, Stuart Russell mentioned at 24:30 that with autonomous vehicles, the need for parking spaces and taxi drivers will be reduced.

Bicycle friendly cities

Some ideas for cities that want to become more bicycle friendly. What would you add?


People in Hamburg are changing the way they move from a to b

Reading this article and this article, I learned that Hamburg is working on a plan that, over the next 15-20 years, is going to expand the number of green spaces considerably. The hamburg green network will connect parks, recreational areas, playgrounds, gardens, and cemeteries through green paths. These changes are not least being made, as I have understood it, to respond to environmental changes such as increasing temperatures and sea levels and – more generally – to make the city a healthier and more pleasant place to live.

Digital technologies contribute to changes that are going on in the way people get from a to b. Via betahaus hamburg, I learned, for example, about citeecar. What I like about the solution of citeecar is, for example, that it is simple to understand – and a relatively inexpensive transportation solution. In short, it seems to be a carsharing solution for the average joe. Studying other transportation innovation initiatives around Hamburg, I also found out that by using the hvv mobile app you can actually save money when you buy your ticket online. And I learned that in Hamburg,  transportation by bicycle is being upgraded in priority – as this nexthamburg idea also suggests. For example, I was quite impressed by StadtRAD Hamburg, a very well developed bike sharing solution that enables people to pick up and leave bicycles at any StadtRAD Hamburg station that are situated – quite close to each other – all over city. The StadtRAD Hamburg bike sharing solution is, I noticed, very popular among the local population. Lots of people use the bikes to get from a to b. What I found great, for example, was the very good quality of the bikes and also, that within the first ½ hour of a rental, you use the bike you rent for free. In addition, I liked the very well developed bicycle streets in Hamburg that, as you can see from the photo below, are painted red.  On the photo, the bicycle path is the right part of the sidewalk.


Want more inspiration on the topic? Then take a look at this presentation about bicycle friendly cities And in this work on transportation innovation  I have tried to pinpoint some further, broader changes going on in the transportation / mobility space. Have a good time getting around.


Renewing the way to get from A to B

In a recent posting, I noted how Renault-Nissan is strongly moving forward regarding electric vehicles. And in this very interesting McKinsey interview with Mr. Alan Mulally, CEO of FordI read for example this: “..we believe there is a social consciousness that is developing where people really want to consider alternative energy sources that are more sustainable and good for the planet.” And towards the end of the interview with Mr. Mulally, I read this: “So we might be part of connecting different modes of transportation – bicycles and waterways and cars and buses and subways – all as part of the vision of enabling movement and bringing people together.”

The strong development of renewable energy and electric vehicles are interesting trends that help create more value for more people around the world. Another interesting trend are technologies / apps that enable people to share, for example, cars and parking spaces and thereby help each other use resources more efficiently. Regarding sharing park spaces, I have come to know about, for example, parkit, parku, and ParkatmyHouse. Regarding sharing cars, I have, for example, come across Mobility, Sharoo, Spinlisterand mitfahrgelegenheit / And yesterday, at the Social Media Gipfel, I learned more about bringbee.

With the many new transportation solutions / apps / services that are continuously popping up in the market space –  helping people to, for example, save costs, get from a to b in a more environmentally friendly ways, more safely, and/or get from A to B together with other people – it seems evident that companies such as sbb and zvv need to innovate in several ways to become more attractive for customers. One way to improve the customer experience is to provide high speed  internet connection free of charge at train stations / tram and bus stops as well as on trains / buses / trams. Watching the Swiss Television Tagesschau of last night, I learned that sbb are doing that. In a contribution to Lars Kolind’s blog posting on unbossing Scandinavian Airlines, open access to internet anytime and anywhere was part of the ideas I communicated.

To see other solutions / services / apps related to transport, have a look at this. You may also find it useful to view this presentation about bicycle friendly cities and/or this posting about transportation innovation.

Have a great day – wherever you choose to go.

Renault Twizy test drive

Via this tweet I came across this article in which I read that Renault-Nissan has sold its 100,000th electric vehicle. Reading the article, I also learned that the Renault-Nissan Alliance has sold more zero-emission cars than all the other major car manufacturers combined. Being interested in renewable energy, which I work on in, for example, this RenewableEnergyDevelopment group, interested in transportation innovation about which I developed, for example, these slides o transportation innovation as well as these slides about bicycle friendly cities, and admiring the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, I have been curious to try out a Renault-Nissan electric vehicle for some time.

As Mobility launched a campaign featuring the Renault Twizy a great possibility arose to try out one of the agile, electric vehicles that Renault-Nissan has developed. I was possibly surprised about the driving experience and found the vehicle handy for getting around in / around a city. That the small vehicle, which measures 2.3 m. x 1.2 m., is designed with half-height scissor-opening doors adds even more flavour to the driving experience.