Disrupting classrooms

During a very interesting Shaping Davos session entitled “Disrupting classrooms“, I learned, for example, this:

  • At 6:55, Lucian Tarnowski mentioned that things have changed. We don’t need everybody to look like each other. We need much more creativity.
  • At 27:00, Arunas Mark talked about the importance of quality content.
  • At 29:50, Christian Morales Collado mentioned that coaching from different people will be helpful for people, who learn.
  • At 36:00, Fatin Bundagji talked about the importance of people from different cultures communicating with each other, for example about understanding their respective beliefs / values / ways of thinking and thinking creatively / innovating. At 39:50 Christian Morales Collado added that diversity brings more innovation.
  • At 51:25, Lucian Tarnowski made the interesting point that the mobile phone is far more universal than the classroom.
  • At 01:09:30, Christian Morales Collado emphasized the need to connect more people to the Internet around the world.
  • At 01:10:40, Lucian Tarnowski put focus on life-long learning of everyone of us – and the need to recognize / reward the effort people, who learn individually, make.


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What are your values?

Have you tried defining what your values are? How sure are you, which values are more important / prioritized higher than which other values? To find out, try answering these questions. As an alternative, ask someone else, for example a friend of yours, to ask you the questions.