How much do you praise people? And how do you praise people?



Doing research about what love is, I came across the word “Agápe”. This is what I learned:



Courage is this month’s CreativeMornings theme. And I am looking forward to participating at the event with Andrea Stanescu on Friday. To prepare for the event, I wanted to learn about what courage means. This is what I found out doing research on the topic. Anything you want to add?



I wanted to learn more about play – including what the purpose of play is and what the role of technology is in play. So I did some research on the topic. This is what I found out. What do you think is missing?

Testing a swing at Herrenberg

Testing a swing at Herrenberg, Bergdietikon near Zürich in Switzerland triggered this question in my mind: If you place a swing in an office environment, how will it affect the working culture? Judging from feedback I have gotten in projects related to workspace development, a relatively simple initiative like this can help move a culture towards values such as play, creativity, openness, testing / experimenting and collaboration.

Testing environmentally friendly products and services

Visiting the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach just outside Zürich, I learned a lot testing various products and services. Top experiences: Testing a segway and a Renault Zoe. The home made cream soup in the climate restaurant tasted very well. The saying on the last slide “Zwischen Reden und Tun liegt das Meer” means “Between talking and doing is the sea.”