Fantastic experience watching the sunrise at Saksild in Denmark. I was here with my girlfriend and my mother. As we took a walk around this beautiful area, we did a flashback to the 1960s, when my parents built a summer house not far from this place.

The air here was very fresh, and the sound of the waves as well as the view of the sun rising had a meditative effect on me. I felt energy coming up through my legs through my stomach and breast and up to my head.

When you watch the video, turn up the volume.


Walk on the longest suspension bridge in the world near Randa in Switzerland

The Morteratsch glacier in Switzerland is melting

Like most alpine glaciers, the Morteratsch glacier in the Eastern part of Switzerland is melting.


Great examples from Africa about innovation in farming

These 2 examples are among the innovations mentioned In the video embedded below that reduce food loss:

# 1: Lower quality peanuts are used to make soap.

# 2: Spoiled fruits are processed into juice.

Turning waste plastic bottles into solar lights

At I came across the 3 minute video embedded below about an extraordinary innovation which enables people to inexpensively turn waste plastic bottles into solar lights.  To read a description on how to build a solar bottle bulb yourself, click here.