You raise me up


How can we reuse churches?

Hi, short question to you: If you were going to reuse / rebuild a church, what would you reuse it for? Into what would you rebuild the church?

Christmas tree innovation

When you take on the challenge of acquiring a Christmas tree, perhaps you may – besides thinking about buying or renting a Christmas tree – also consider making your Christmas tree yourself. I experienced that creating a Christmas tree yourself has more advantages. For example, it is cheaper. Also, by choosing this do-it-yourself option, you get the opportunity to practice creative thinking. Here is some inspiration for you:


Fantastic experience watching the sunrise at Saksild in Denmark. I was here with my girlfriend and my mother. As we took a walk around this beautiful area, we did a flashback to the 1960s, when my parents built a summer house not far from this place.

The air here was very fresh, and the sound of the waves as well as the view of the sun rising had a meditative effect on me. I felt energy coming up through my legs through my stomach and breast and up to my head.

When you watch the video, turn up the volume.

Die Kirche ist in Bewegung

Bei einem Gottesdienst am letzten Sonntag in Zürich haben Alle das Lied “Hevenu Shalom Alehem” gesungen. Das Lied selber bringt eine schöne, fröhliche Stimmung in den Raum, habe ich erfahren. Besonders dynamisch wurde es, als beinahe Alle, die beim Gottesdienst teilnahmen, während des Liedes aufstanden und durch die Reihen miteinander spazierten / tanzten. Ich kann nicht erinnern, dass ich das früher erlebt habe. Schön war es, und passend dazu sagte die Pfarrerin gleich nach dem Lied: “Die Kirche ist in Bewegung.”