Testing environmentally friendly products and services

Visiting the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach just outside Zürich, I learned a lot testing various products and services. Top experiences: Testing a segway and a Renault Zoe. The home made cream soup in the climate restaurant tasted very well. The saying on the last slide “Zwischen Reden und Tun liegt das Meer” means “Between talking and doing is the sea.”



Watching some beautiful videos / photos of Algiers, for example this one, I got inspired to update research I did about Algeria.



Reading this tweet by Mr. Alain Berset, I learned that Bangladesh is a priority country of Swiss development cooperation. The information inspired me to do research about Bangladesh. This is what I found out until now. I am curious to know what you would add? In other words, what information about Bangladesh do you think is missing in the publication?