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Vulnerability is a sign of strength

I think I have always thought that showing vulnerability is a sign of weakness. After reading the phenomenal book Rising Strong by Brené Brown, I learned that vulnerability is a sign of strength. And just the other day, I came across the video embedded below about the importance of vulnerability. I wish we could have more role models on this. In this regard, I would encourage as many CEOs as possible – particularly CEOs of large companies – to take the lead here.


Ideas for developing infrastructure at Elstedhøj, Denmark with inspiration from Zürich

Listening tips

In the video below, you will find 3 listening tips. To learn more about listening, have a look also at this research on listening. When you think about what is important in order to listen well, what do you think is missing?



The Morteratsch glacier in Switzerland is melting

Like most alpine glaciers, the Morteratsch glacier in the Eastern part of Switzerland is melting.



Some research about storytelling. How do you tell a story? What do you include in a story? How do you structure a story?


Research about Mozambique – including innovation going on in Mozambique