Top 3 reads on Issuu in November

Top 3 reads on Issuu in November:

# 1: Brainstorming – the Disney method.

# 2: Buurtzorg,

# 3: How do you coach a person.




Communicating hospitals

What comes into your mind when you think about a communicating hospital? What do you think a hospital should do to become a communicating hospital? To get inspired by additional questions and research, have a look at these ideas for hospitals.

Shaping the future of health

From about 6.30 in the very interesting event embedded below focusing shaping the future of health, I learned that a few years ago, Disney voluntarily changed the content of their kids’ meals in all of their theme parks, for example from meals with sugar beverages and french fries to meals with water and vegetables. Among results of this initiative was extremely high satisfaction among parents. A question for you: What other theme parks, that you know of, could learn from this health improvement initiative by Disney?

Some inspiration about the Disney brainstorming method:

What else do you think could be done to promote healthier populations around the world? Some additional questions for you about the topic:

The digital transformation of industries

At the start of the interesting 1 hour event, the strong relevance of digital transformation across all kinds of industries is emphasized. Other learnings:

  • Minute 12 and minute 28: Increasingly, products are being connected.
  • Minute 17: Testing products with customers and adapting products to customer needs can be done faster.
  • Minute 19: e-visits and telehealth possibilities are increasing – enabling people to communicate face to face on the Internet with physicians anytime and in any place – using various electronic devices.
  • Minute 36: If there is an elephant project, slice it in the minimum of tranches and involve the customer as quickly as possible.
  • Minute 56: To build trust, increase transparency.
  • Minute 57: All panelists and other participants sing happy birthday to Bernard J. Tyson.

Further research on delivering health care:

Additional research on going digital: