What is the meaning of life?

I came across a 1-minute video about the meaning of life. Have a look at it below. For further inspiration on meaning and purpose, have a look at this. What is your purpose?

Top 5 content on slideshare during the last month

# 1: Reasons why people resist change.
# 2: 11 advantages of using a blog for teaching.
# 3: Gender diversity.
# 4: Ideas for hospitals.
# 5: Globalization and localization.

Zürich is becoming a more bicycle friendly city

At nextzuerich.ch  I noticed that a large number of ideas have been communicated about making Zürich a more bicycle friendly city. So as I saw this invitation to the event Nextsalon Velocity, I decided to participate to help contribute to making Zürich a more bicycle friendly city.

At the event, I found it very interesting to share ideas with other participants about what we can do to improve conditions for everyone moving from a to b in Zürich. I found it fascinating that the event was complemented by work on the internet, for example on nexzuerich.ning.com, facebook, nextzuerich.ch, and on ronorp.net.

In this blog posting, I read that to be an innovator, you have to be a relentlessly curious anthropologist and a keen-eyed ethnographer, so with a mobile electronic device, I walked / cycled / drove around the city to take photos of the areas in Zürich where I have experienced there is a strong potential for making conditions better – not least for people who use 2 wheel / 3 wheel vehicles with or without engine / battery.

Below are some more experiences / ideas / inspiration on making cities more bicycle friendly:

Idea by Christopher Pissarides about child care services

Listening to this very interesting World Economic Forum briefing by Christopher Pissarides, I learned this:

  • At 8:45, Christopher Pissarides mentioned that in Sweden, child care is subsidized – encouraging people, who have children, to buy child care services in the market. This initiative helps child care services develop, raises incomes for people, and reduces inequality. He also mentioned that, currently, this does not work in, for example, Italy, where the government – at the moment – does not take much interest in services like child care. This is one reason why we are seeing high gender inequality – including low rates of work participation by women – in Italy.
  • At 19:35, Christopher Pissarides said that in Sweden, at least twice as many jobs are being created in child care services and other health care services as in Italy.