Top 3 downloads on slideshare in March

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Top 5 content on slideshare in January

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# 2:

# 3:

# 4:

# 5:

Reflecting on the rankings # 3 – # 5, I find it quite interesting to notice that the interest people have to learn to think more creatively was relatively significant in January. Are we seeing a trend here? What do you think?

Event about the sharing economy / access economy

I participated at an interesting event in Zürich about the sharing economy / access economy. What I found innovative about the event was, for example, these initiatives:

# 1: Relevant topic
Driven not least by technology / mobile apps, the sharing economy / access economy is experiencing a relatively strong growth. One of the key motivations for me to join the event was my interest in discovering values people have. Taking part in the event, I learned more about what people want to share, how people want to share, and why people want to share. 

# 2: Use of conversation exercises
The event was moderated in a highly interactive way. From the very start, participants were invited to share ideas / experiences / knowledge in groups of two and more people. For further inspiration about how to make an event interactive, feel welcome to visit these conversation exercises.

# 3: Participants with different ages
During the event, I learned a lot by communicating with people of very different ages. Participants at the event represented more or less every single age group.

# 4: Each participant contributed to lunch
Innovative about this event was also that every participant contributed to lunch. I was happy to experience that hat the Danish meatballs, I had prepared, were consumed after just ½ hour 😉

# 5: Several innovative initiatives represented
There were many great initiatives represented at the event. And communicating with participants, I became even more aware of the extraordinary creative potential that human beings have for developing new solutions that create value for people. Want to train your creativity yourself? Why not try out one or more of these creativity exercises?



Top 10 downloads on Teachers Pay Teachers

# 1: Japan.

# 2: Questions to discover your values.

# 3: Brainstorming.

# 4: Nigeria.

# 5: China.

# 6: Six thinking hats.

# 7: Learning strategies.

# 8: Brainstorming – the SCAMPER method.

# 9: Kenya.

# 10: Brainstorming – the disney method.


How do you coach another person?

When you reflect upon your experiences being coached and/or coaching another person, what would you add to this work / research / book? Thank you in advance.

How developed is your growth mindset?

I would like to recommend the following book to you: Mindset: How you can fulfil your potential by Carol S. Dweck.