Successful examples living with refugees

Example # 1
Reading this article, I learned about a Danish police officer who helped a little girl to laugh in a difficult situation, as she, her family, and fellow refugees were taking a break during a long walk. The Danish police officer, who showed strong social competence, played “where is the ring” with the little girl right in the middle of the road. Watching the photos made me cry as a feeling of well-being hit my heart and stomach.

 Example # 2
In this article, I read that the Novo Nordisk Foundation decided to donate DKK 2 million to The Danish Red Cross. The donation is earmarked for several specific initiatives, including health care and other assistance in and around the reception centres, medicine and medical equipment, psychological services and the purchase and preparation of food for the refugees.

Birgitte Nauntofte, CEO of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, says:

“For 90 years, the Novo Nordisk Foundation has supported scientific, humanitarian and social causes with the aim of improving the health and welfare of people. In the current situation, it is both natural and timely to make a contribution that can help newly arrived refugees in Denmark to meet their basic needs, including health care, food and beverages and advice. The Danish Red Cross is part of the relief efforts in Denmark, and its experience and competence will enable it to quickly initiate assistance in the best possible way.”

 Example # 3
In this article, I read that Europe’s aging population needs a younger population to look after its elderly, work in healthcare and move to more rural areas that are being emptied out by population decline and economic flight. To give a remarkable example of this, I read in this posting, that Syrian refugees help out give elderly people a bicycle ride.

Example # 4
Now a Danish citizen living in the Copenhagen suburb of Hvidore, Abdi Hakin Ulad came to Denmark as a refugee from Somalia 14 years ago. Ulad is vying to represent Denmark at the 2016 Olympics in the 10,000 metre race. In the video clip you will find in this article, fellow Danes cheer for Abdi Hakin Ulad as he wins Copenhagen half marathon. Well done, Ulad.

Example # 5
In this article, I read a story by Mia L. Rasmussen who used GoMore to give 2 refugees a lift from Copenhagen to Odense in Denmark and learned a lot from the experience.



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