In tech we trust

During an interesting World Economic Forum session entitled “In tech we trust” I learned this:

  • At 3:40, Marc R. Benioff mentioned that only through radical transparency are we going to get radical new levels of trust. He added that we need more openness regarding where data is, what is going on with the data, who has the data, and – if there’s a problem with the data – provide immediate disclosure, total transparency.
  • At 5:15, Marissa Mayer made the point that personalized technology is better technology, and a personalized Internet is a better Internet. To have a personalized Internet, you need to store data in the cloud. She continued saying that trust is about each person making a trade of between how much privacy and security he / she wants vs. how many benefits he / she wants? She emphasized the importance of transparency, that users own their own data and have control over it, so they can examine it, take it with them, bring it to other sites / to other vendors that they trust more.
  • At 15:25 Tim Berners-Lee agreed that a personalized service is a better service meaning, for example, that you can buy your clothes more quickly.
  • At 17:50 Günther H. Oettinger mentioned that we are in a digital revolution, and that we need a smart and pragmatic data revolution. He added that with all technology, there’s a potential on the one hand and risks on the other hand. And we have to balance it out. He agreed that transparency is important and noted that we need a UN agency for data protection and security. At 45:00 Günther H. Oettinger said that many people are not informed. We need more information, more education. Citizens need to become more competent.



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