Tired of the bossing going on at various companies / organizations? Below is great 2 minute video with some concrete tips about unbossing the way you do things. In the video, Lars Kolind talks about some key aspects / issues from the book UNBOSS that he wrote with Jacob Bøtter. Lars Kolind mentions, for example, the importance of finding your purpose. He also talks about the importance of involving external people – which you can do using, for example, a blog, and/or other social media . Towards the end of the video, Mr. Kolind touches on a few points related to how management is done.  Regarding this last point, I come to think, for example, of the importance of learning, for example through listening and/or other learning strategies. To get involved in unbossing the way we do things at work / in life, join in on, for example, the Twitter hashtag #unboss and/or on the blog at unboss.com. Have a great time.



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