Experiences getting external help – using technology

Being interested in renewable energy technologies and technologies that help improve energy efficiency, I have come across, for example, solar energy technology and LED lighting technology. When investing in solar energy and LED lighting, the actual purchase of products is one part. Getting the technologies installed is another and important part. Not being particularly competent about installing solar panels and LED lamps, we decided to get external help / help from outside. In this regard, 2 websites, jacando and Rent a Rentner were of great use. Via jacando we got in touch with a person who helped us competently install the solar panel enabling us to generate energy, and via Rent a Rentner we got in touch with a person who helped us install an LED lamp. Both projects worked out well.

Just an additional note regarding installing solar energy: In an earlier posting, I referred to the use of solar energy at Niederhorn in the Swiss mountains, 2,000 meters above sea level.  Reading this article I learned that sharply declining costs are the key to the potential of solar energy. While module costs should continue to fall, even bigger opportunities lurk in the costs associated with installation and service. These cost reductions will put solar within striking distance, in economic terms, of new construction for traditional power-generation technologies. In the interesting article, I also read that over the last several years, the demand for power in Europe has fallen, while the supply of renewables – including solar – has risen, driven down power prices, and depressed the penetration of conventional power sources. Reading this article I learned about a report showing that in some European countries, for example Germany, Italy and Spain, solar power has become as cheap as buying off the grid.

For more information about renewable energy, have a look at this google group. To know more technologies that make it easy for you to get external help / get help from outside, have a look at the book Udefra by Jacob Bøtter. Also, check out these links on crowdsourcing.

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