HP company history and values

About 16-17 minutes into the 25 minute video embedded below about the HP company history and values – a video that I came across through this tweet – Don Hammond says this: “They had a slogan: Decisions should be made at the lowest possible level.” Michael Malone follows up saying: “This was what HP did: It trusted people to do the job. And you stepped up. You really stepped up. It scared the hell out of you – made you into a better person.” Listening to what the people participating in the video said, I also learned that Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were strongly oriented towards the future, towards opportunities, towards change and promotion of entrepreneurship. They wanted to work with and develop people, who worked innovatively – people who wanted to create something new. In this respect, it’s also interesting to note how many different products HP has created.

For inspiration about values, have a look at this presentation about values. For inspiration about questions to discover values people have, have a look at this presentation with questions to discover your values. For personalized services such as individual coaching and/or workshops, feel welcome to get in touch using any media of your choice.



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