Examples of how the Internet is changing the way we work and learn

Attending Web Monday Zurich this week, I was reminded of how the Internet continues to change the way we work and learn. Having the influence of the Internet in mind, I couldn’t resist asking the panellists at a Creative Zurich event, which I attended on Wednesday this week, how the Internet will change the way design is done. Learning from what panellists mentioned, I understood that, for example, blogs / portals / communities etc. about design have grown in importance. As I used 99designs to develop my logo, I could certainly relate to the valuable comments of the panellists.

Over at Atizo, I came to know this week about Mila, an interesting app / website using which you can get tasks done as well as offer services. Studying Mila, I came to think of taskrabbit and renovero that I also came across. Reflecting, for example, on the fact that people live longer and that the part of the population who are over 65 years of age will increase – topics mentioned in my last posting – I imagine that the need for marketplaces / portals / applications such as these will increase.

In this posting about examples of how the Internet is changing the way we work and learn, I would like to also highlight blogging / microblogging /  social media / communication platforms / apps such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogger, WordPress, and Skype – applications / services that I find have added large value to how people communicate with each other.



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