Buildings and culture

At location 2216 of the book UNBOSS, I read the following:

“The software developer Oracle based the design of its Danish HQ on how varied its work is. Staff from every part of the organization helped establish 4 different zones based on 4 different needs: One for phone calls, another for face-to-face dialogue, a third for collaborative projects and a fourth for silence. The zones are supplemented by various spaces for teaching, conversation, and informal gatherings.”

At the end of chapter 11, from which the extract above also is taken, I read the following:

“Consider cancelling the lease of your office space, and instead ask your employees where they would like to work. Remember to tell them that alternative traditional office is not an option.” Earlier in the same chapter, at approximately location 2200, I read this: “Offices should be as flexible as employees. Quite simply, we believe that the traditional office is out. We recommend that you sell off the building while there are still buyers out there. The traditional office is another aspect of the traditional business that you have to unlearn.” At approximately the same location in chapter 11, I came across this blog post link with photos of workspaces of 37signals.

Below are further inputs on buildings and culture:



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