Inputs on change from Stewart Black and Hal Gregersen

In the ½ hour video embedded below, I heard Stewart Black and Hal Gregersen say, for example, the following:

Minute 1-2:
If you want to change an organization, you need to start with the individual. It starts with one.

Minute 6-11:
A person chooses to do things in a certain way, because he/she has been successful doing things that way in the past. To change that mental map, you need to create a powerful enough contrast, so that person can see / hear / taste / smell / touch the contrast and thereby be convinced that it makes more sense to do the new way of doing things instead of continuing to do things in the old way. The more senses you can engage to show the contrast, the more successful you will be in having people accept the new way of doing things.

Minute 14-17:
A lot of people would rather be good at the wrong thing than bad at the right thing. Until people get the new skills that are needed, i.e. get / take the possibility to educate themselves, many people will not move / do new things / do things differently.

Minute 26-27:
Change has to be simple enough, so individuals can easily put it into practice.