A tour through the gardens of Den Gamle By in Aarhus, Denmark

During a tour – guided by the 2 people on the first photo below – through the gardens of Den Gamle By – The Old Town in Aarhus, Denmark, I learned some useful things. The first stop on the tour featured the Bernstorff market nursery. Here, I learned that there are plants which people many years ago used to put in their ears in order to avoid getting an ear infection. See photo # 2 below. At this first stop on the tour, I also learned about a blue flower that tastes like a cucumber and can be used as an ingredient in a salad – thereby adding both colour and taste to the salad. See photo # 3 below.

At another of the gardens that the many people, who participated in the interesting tour, had the possibility to experience, I learned that many plants can be used as nature medicine. This garden is called Apotekerhaven, the pharmacist garden. On the second photo below, an example of a nature medicine plant is shown.

The photo below is taken at the mayor yard. Here, I learned about Peter Holm, the founder of Den Gamle By. To learn about other historic gardens, click here.